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The Petersville area is ranked by many as Alaska’s premier winter recreational playground. Gate Creek Cabins gives you easy access to the Peters Hills, Dutch Hills, Denali State Park, and several glaciers, with over 400 miles of groomed and marked trails.

You’ll enjoy incredible views of Denali/Mount McKinley, Mount Hunter, Mount Foraker and the entire Alaska Range mountains just a mile from your doorstep. For powder riders, there are over a million acres of meadows and frozen swamps to carve up. Or take a short ride up into the lower mountains for some safe hill climbing. Avalanches are rare in this area.

Snowmachine and ATV Rentals

Gate Creek Cabins partners with Alaska Toy Rental to rent snowmachines by the day. All rental machines are new or late models, including two-up machines, well maintained and made for trails, deep powder and mountain riding. Ski-Doo Powder sleds, Polaris Powder sleds, trail sleds, wide track machines and pull behind sleds. With round-the-clock return facility, no mileage limits and hassle free trailer rentals, renting is easy. Call 907-775-1880, email or visit the website.

Premium Fuel Available

Got your own machine? We sell premium fuel to keep you riding all week long.


Gate Creek is located in Susitna Valley, which is influenced by the warm breezes from the Pacific Ocean moving up Cook inlet. The nearby Alaska Mountain Range and Talkeetna. Mountains trap the warm air and shelter us from the bitter cold common to the north of us.

In the coldest part of winter, daytime temperatures usually reach into the mid-20F range, while nighttime temperatures rarely drop below 0F. By late February, it is common for daytime temperatures to hover above 32F. By March, we have 12 hours of daylight.


Our area receives more snow than other parts of the region. Gate Creek Cabins tends to be on the dividing line, with lighter snowfall to the south and east and much more to the west and north. In a typical year, we may get up to 14 feet of snow. Often, we have several more feet of snow than Trapper Creek, just 10 miles away.

The Peters Hills and Dutch Hills, 10 miles to the west, may get as much as 18 feet of snow in a season, so you can go just about anywhere you point your skis. Even to lunch in Talkeetna.

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