A favorite getaway for locals, Gate Creek Cabins is adjacent to hundreds of groomed snowmachine trails and Skyscraper Mountains with untouched powder.  We provide snowmachine rental and fuel on site.  In summer, the campus offers a quiet, almost private, setting to enjoy beautiful views of South Denali and miles of four wheeling and fat tire bike riding.

Gate Creek’s seven rental cabins are individually owned by different families and managed as one resort by Susie and Rod, who live year-round on the property and are always on hand to welcome visitors, and help guests get the most out of their stay.   Susie is a 39-year Alaskan resident and has been in the hospitality business for over 29 years.

In Alaska, its unique to have a warm comfortable cabin you can drive to and snowmachine right from its front door- taken together with our world class, awe inspiring views just down the trail of the largest Mountain in North America (Denali) – makes Gate Creek Cabins a life-goal vacation and the best place in Alaska for a winter ride-and stay adventure.

Meet our hosts

Gary and Dorothy Rawie founded Gate Creek Cabins in the early 90’s.  Susie and Craig Seibert fell in love with the property when they first found it as guests in the early 90’s.  Susie and Craig returned as often as they could and always joked with Gary and Dorothy….”When we win the lottery, we are coming back and going to buy this little piece of paradise”.

In September 2000, their dream became reality – not by winning the lottery.  Susie, Craig and Craig’s mom, Julia were able to purchase the property when Gary and Dorothy decided to retire.   Over the years, they added three more cabins and a shop.

Susie says, “Gate Creek Cabins afforded us a lifestyle we loved.  We loved living off grid and on a remote property”.

Ten years into their dream, Craig was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and said his final farewell to Gate Creek Cabins June 28, 2012.

Since that time, many things have changed for Gate Creek Cabins but Susie’s love for the property is deeply rooted.   Rod is now a part of the Gate Creek Cabins family as a permanent member having been the chief maintenance manager for the last 20 years and is now a life partner for Susie.

“Our cabins have helped families reconnect with loved ones they didn’t realize they had disconnected from.  Many arrive worried about cell phone and internet connections but leave feeling relaxed because they found time to unplug from the rest of the world.”